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Question: How far will you travel?
Answer: Travel is negotiable.

WeddingsQuestion: What kind of equipment do you use?
Answer: Professional DJ equipment.

Question: Do you have a microphone we can use for the toasts?
Answer: Yes, a wireless microphone is available upon request.

Question: Is there any consultation fee?
Answer: There is no consultation is FREE.

Question: Do you have a schedule we have to follow?
Answer: No, we plan the reception together to your satisfaction.

Question: What kind of music do you play?
Answer: My music ranges from 1929 to current, including country, rock, contemporary, hip hop, dance, any special requests, and more.

Question: Is a deposit required?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Will you make announcements?
Answer: Yes, we will have all of this planned prior to your wedding or event.

Question: When do you set up your equipment?
Answer: Set up occurs hours before your wedding/event begins with prior approval.

Question: How do you dress?
Answer: Coat and tie unless otherwise specified.

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